Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Media Industry Mini Report (Photography)

The photography industry is another career I’m thinking closely at pursuing, mainly due to the sheer excitement of taking pictures. Photography has been a pivotal part of history and has been used in major historic events and tragedies such as the world wars and these pictures stand out as iconic images when there placed in the public view. There are some major photography studios which are based all around the United Kingdom they include: Colour Therapy, Electric Lane, Simon Watkinson Photo Training, Photofusion, Symbiosis and Transmedia. Getting into the photography industry there are college courses you can do which will help you achieve work experience for this field of work. Some of the skills needed are being patient even on stressful conditions as it takes alot of time to get the pictures perfect and then may have to be edited. Also having good eyesight for the image and also having good visual awareness for what can be seen in a good shot. Another major skill is to be self confident and ambitious because you need to be able to talk to the public if there’s events such as weddings or photoshoots. I would like to be able to get into this field because I enjoy taking pictures and then editing them so the image looks of a professional standard, I also enjoy being able to go out and finding objects to work on with my camera.

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