Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Media Industry Mini Report (Radio)

Another industry I would like to get into is the radio sector. Radio has been around for years and there are many different stations which are available to listeners now, many of them range from small companies to major stations. There are so many different companies that I’ve named just a few, these are some of the well known stations: BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2, Capital FM, Kiss, Absolute Radio, Heart FM and Magic, these all play different music styles to each other. To get into radio there are no real qualifications which are involved, mainly have to have the knowledge of the area and with some stations to even get work experience people have to give a tape of there work so that companies can decide if they are good enough for the positions, most applicants have to be over 18. The whole radio industry interests me a lot because I love listening to the radio shows which are produced now and also the different music which is played on air, also to have that contact with the public is an exciting opportunity to have and be able to give the public the show they are wanting to hear.

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