Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Media Industry Report (Radio)

These are some of the radio companies i have found:

  • Mercury FM
  • Absolute Radio
  • Heart FM
  • Magic
  • Capital FM
  • KISS

There are a number of various jobs in the radio industry which can lead into future jobs these include freelance broadcast journalists, DJ, programme controller, producer, Station producer these jobs can lead onto each other by the way i've shown above, freelancers being the very 1st job and going all the way up to being a station producer.

Having knowledge of this area is important and no qualifications are needed for the jobs involved in radio.

Work experience in the radio industry can be found mostly through the radio stations that produce the shows, also internet sites are used to post jobs that can be applyied for. Alot of radio companies such as BBC Radio 1 advertise links on the website, they ask that people who apply are over 18 with some previous experience or knowledge of the field.

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